Biodiversity Program

A shared goal
As the Canadian pulp and paper industry moves toward achieving sustainable forest management, it recognizes that maintaining biodiversity is an essential part of that process. While biodiversity is a relatively new field of study, Canadian forest companies have, over the past several years, undertaken a wide range of projects to better understand the ecology of species and apply their findings in management plans. CPPA’s Biodiversity Program was created to serve as a central liaison point for building awareness and for sharing the initiatives being taken to maintain the richness of our forests and waters.
Through its network of participating companies, CPPA’s Biodiversity Program enables our members to share their experience and expertise as they integrate biodiversity conservation into their sustainable forest management strategy. At the same time, the program serves as a primary communications link to a growing network of partners equally working to achieve this crucial environmental goal. The Program is also instrumental in coordinating the forest industry’s participation in local, national and international biodiversity initiatives.

The Canadian pulp and paper industry is joining forces with a network of partners committed to the responsible stewardship of forest lands, sharing information and contributing to common projects. For example, CPPA with Wildlife Habitat Canada are developing a Forest Stewardship Recognition Award program aimed at stimulating biodiversity conservation initiatives by all forest users.
CPPA’s Biodiversity Program acts as industry liaison with groups such as the Canadian Forestry Association for their Loggers for Wildlife workshops. In partnership with the Canadian Forest Service and the Biodiversity Convention Office, CPPA’s Biodiversity Program has led a project to determine the national status and trends of twenty keystone forest species. The program is also a member of Partners in Flight.

In addition to keeping its member companies informed and connected, CPPA’s Biodiversity Program seeks to raise awareness and interest with the public. We invite our visitors to browse through our Internet database where we have compiled the key information on our member companies’ biodiversity initiatives. If there is some additional information you would like, please feel free to contact us through our online form.
For our member companies and our partners, CPPA’s Biodiversity Program offers a range of communication opportunities, including seminars, workshops and dedicated publications to keep up to date on news and developments. The Biodiversity Challenge provides a concise overview of forest biodiversity issues in Canada, and The Bioforester, is a biennial newsletter on recent events. Both are available to the public.

As the biodiversity network grows, CPPA’s Biodiversity Program will continue to provide timely information and work to expand the industry’s contribution.

Moving Forward Together
Through CPPA’s Biodiversity Program, the industry coordinates its participation at the regional, national and international level. In Canada, it was involved in the development of the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy and contributes to the Canadian Biodiversity Forum. It also coordinates the industry’s response to regulatory initiatives such as the Canadian Endangered Species Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. Internationally, the industry actively participated in the elaboration of Canada’s position for the negotiation of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
CPPA’s Biodiversity Program is closely following meetings of the Conferences of the Parties and of its Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice as well of those of the Inter-governmental Forum on Forests. Under the auspices of CPPA’s Biodiversity Program, the industry of is currently preparing its response to the Convention on Biological Diversity.